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Solar Solutions for Homes, Farms, and Business.
Create Revenue with Ontario’s New Incentive.
Small to medium turbine systems.
Accessories and installation hardware.
Established in 1991 and continues to specialize in manufacturing low-cost alternative heating systems that burn renewable resources. Grain Stoves produced the first nationally certified multi-fuel burning stove and continue to supply innovative cost effective heating products.


• Local Service Provider and Installer
• Using local products and manufacturers
• Cost effective alternative energy solutions
• SolGate solar modules made in Ontario are FIT compliant for local content
• Maximize energy yield from your solar power system with microinverter technology
• Sentinel Solar’s years of expertise and industry knowledge stand behind every solar system
• Serving Huron County for 25 years


Solar Trackers and Roof Systems

Look to solar power as an investment, leveraging your unused roof space or fields. Combine our 10 kilowatt system with our proprietary solar tracker to further increase solar collection efficiency and maximize your return on investment:

We manufacture in Ontario SolGate solar modules which are FIT compliant for local content.

A Revolution in Simplicity, Efficiency and Technology

Enphase Energy products dramatically improve the performance of solar power systems. Using Enphase Microinverters, owners and operators increase the productivity and reliability of their solar installation.


SOLARMAXX Tracking System

The SOLARMAXX tracking system, designed and built by MV Power Systems of Brucefield, Ontario, Is an active dual access solar panel array type system. The SOLARMAXX is designed to operate effectively in all Ontario conditions. Made with common farmer friendly hydraulic components to move the array which adds to the strength and durability of the unit.
The in ground concrete base, solid mast and bearing assembly, in industry leading hydraulic array movement, and well braced frame insures a long lasting reliable tracking system that will stand up to the test of Ontario's inclement weather conditions. Downloadable PDF



microFIT Program

If you are a homeowner, farmer or small business owner, or if you manage an institution such as a school or place of worship, you have the opportunity to develop a small or “micro” renewable electricity generation project–of 10 kilowatts (kW) or less in size – on your property.
You’ll be paid for all the electricity you produce through the microFIT Program. The microFIT Program is a stream of the Ontario Power Authority’s (OPA) Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Program for renewable energy in Ontario. It is intended to encourage the development of “microscale” renewable energy projects across the province. Owners of these projects will be paid a fixed price for the electricity they produce. Prices are set at a level intended to enable project owners to recover the costs of the projects, as well as to earn a reasonable return on their investment over the term of the contract.


Welcome to CERES Wind and Solar

Our many years of practical experience in alternative energy has taught us the importance of reliability when it comes to selecting components and designing products and systems. The selection of products that make up a successful system is key.

When Ceres Wind and Solar was formed, the aim and mission was to offer a rapid return on investment utilizing state of the art components that would provide the maximum in energy harvest for your green zone.

Ceres the Roman Goddess of the Harvest was invoked in the hope of a bountiful return.

Our name, Ceres Wind and Solar was chosen to remind all, that the emphasis in choosing any energy system should be to maximize the energy harvest.

Ceres Wind and Solar prides itself on the ability to provide the long-term support and expertise in the Renewable energy arena.

We have been in the business for the last 20 years and with Ontario’s’ recent emphasis on Renewable Energy, there is no better opportunity to consider making Ceres Wind and Solar you partner in the harvest.