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• Local Service Provider and Installer
• Using local products and manufacturers
• Cost effective alternative energy solutions
• SolGate solar modules made in Ontario are FIT compliant for local content
• Maximize energy yield from your solar power system with microinverter technology
• Sentinel Solar’s years of expertise and industry knowledge stand behind every solar system
• Serving Huron County for 25 years


Ceres Wind and Solar has, as it’s main concern reliability and Energy production as it’s primary requirements for successful solar installations.

Recent incentives from the Ontario Government through their FIT and MicroFIT programs allow individuals to become power generators and receive income for the energy they harvest and put on the power grid.

In the case of the popular 10kWh or less MicroFIT projects the Ontario Government is making available through your local distribution company, a feed it tariff of 80.2 cents per kWh generated for a contract period of 20 years.

This investment opportunity is unprecedented and because of the excellent harvest capability of the Ceres Wind and Solar System, will be paid back in rapid fashion and provide an income to the generator.

By incorporating Ontario manufactured Solar panels from Sentinel/SolGate , Enphase Micro Inverters and Ontario made Tracker and racking a significant advantage is gained over the competition. Not only does Ceres Wind and Solar achieve the required 60% Ontario Content mandated by OPA when installing a Micro-Fit Grid Tie system but energy production is maximized with all components designed for maximum harvest.

The use of the Enphase Micro Inverter, where each solar panels has it’s own dedicated inverter differ significantly from the common String or Box Style Inverters in that the Micro Inverter will produce 5-25% more energy.
View a working Enphase System!

The reliability of the Micro Inverter is well documented and out paces that of the String Inverter. There are so many advantages to Enphase that we invite you to see for yourself by visiting Enphase by clicking on the Enphase tab.

In short Ceres wind and solar have spent the time to offer the superior Solar System for MicroFIT.

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